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My name is Emily and I am a consumer advocate and a salon owner.  I was just doing research on a company called EmiSoft.  I first search for Salon Software Reviews and I came across a site called http://www.SalonSoftwareReviews.com. At first glance it seemed legitimate.  As I dug further though, I found several inconsistencies.

Here is the landing page:

salon software reviews "review"

salon software reviews "review"

So I clicked on a few of these links and found the information to be completely false.

For instance, I clicked on Advantage Software and it said the system costs $895 for unlimited employees.  After I went to the Aknaf  website, I found the software could be purchased for as little as $350 for unlimited employees ($250 for 10 employees), with additional options at $395, $495, $595, $695 and $895.

In other words, this review page at SalonSoftwareReviews.com (http://www.SalonSoftwareReviews.com) elected to pick the most expensive item on the page.

So by now, I’m super suspicious.

So I figure, I wonder who is the best rated because then I know who created this site.  Well, as it turns out, it was created by Emisoft Salon Software.  Who is also incidentally, in the first position on this website.

I have reported this to all of the companies on this website and they are going to sue Emisoft in Federal Court.

Just for kicks, I also decided to look at their website, which is http://www.salonsoftware.net.  It was in the middle of the day in Chicago where I live at 2:30 CST, and their online tech support was NOT available.  I have returned to it several times and it is never available?

emisoft salon software review tech support never available

emisoft salon software review tech support never available

I also decided to see who had the most features according to this “bogus” salon software reviews.  And wouldn’t you know it:  It was Emisoft Salon Software.

I called them and asked for references and they refused to provide any.  As you look at the Emisoft Salon Software Website at http://www.SalonSoftware.net, you won’t find any there either.

So here’s a great example of buyer beware?

I tried their 30-day trial of Emisoft Salon Software so I would do my own Emisoft Salon Software Review and it was the worst software I had ever seen.

Try it yourself and do your own Emisoft Salon Software Review at http://www.SalonSoftware.net.

Respectfully submitted,
Emily Soft, Chicago IL


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